DEADLINE 14 May 2022 (11:59pm GMT+8)

The Open Call is open to photographers and photo artists based in Asia Pacific region. Each photographer is limited to submit 2 body of works for consideration. There are no submission fees.

The Theme
Renewable Coexistence

The pandemic prompted widespread, collective reflections on the changes that are needed for a more equitable and sustainable world. How are our individual lives intrinsically intertwined with the lives of other human beings and species? How can we co-exist in sustainable ways that benefit human beings and the planet? This edition of the award welcomes explorations of renewal, regeneration, and synergistic co-existence with a sensitivity toward the conditions.

The Prize 
The final winner of the Silvana S. Foundation Commission Award 2022 will not only receive a monetary award, but also an opportunity to showcase their work and create philanthropic impact. The $20,000 award will support the creation of new works which will be part of a fundraising solo exhibition showcase with Jada Art Gallery in early 2023. Profits from the sales of works will benefit both the artist and the charity chosen by Silvana S. Foundation.

About Silvana S. Foundation Commission Award 
The Silvana S. Foundation Commission Award 2022 seeks original and creative photographic works that address environmental concerns, wildlife preservation and humanitarian issues, with a focus on Renewable Coexistence.

Emphasising both artistic innovation and environmental sensibility, the award lies at the intersections of art photography and nature photography. It welcomes photographic works which simultaneously expand upon artistic possibilities and prompt humanitarian reflection on urgent global issues.

The inaugural edition of the award (2020) was won by visual artist Robert Zhao Renhui.

To Participate 
1) Register at
2) Make sure your portfolio works are ready to upload
3) You can save as draft while you decide on your submission
4) No submission fees

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