Maleonn (马良) (b. 1972, Shanghai, China) entered Shanghai Huashan Art School at the age of 12 before majoring in Graphic Design at the Fine Art College of Shanghai University. Following graduation, he entered the world of advertising, becoming a director for filmed commercials, and winning the golden award of the China International Advertising Festival twice.

In 2004, Maleonn embarked on a new career as an artist. Although working predominantly through the photographic medium, he also produced drawings and installations as well. His 2012 public art project, Studio Mobile, that involved the conversion of two minivans into roving photo studios that traversed China for 10 months, took free portraits for 1600 strangers across 35 cities. The project was a nation-wide sensation in China, establishing the artist as a household name.

Maleonn now lives and works in Shanghai, China.