Mental Pictures

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

In the midst of the fast-paced society we live in today, some would take refuge in the slower process of…

The Last of Us: Wandering on the Remaining Beams

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

It is a diary that ignites with images and words; a duet composed by the very last of us. The…

The Crescent Void

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

It begins with a worn-out photo. Hiding in an album my grandmother left us after she passed away is a…

Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

To promote photobook culture, Hong Kong Photobook Festival was founded by Lumenvisum in 2020. The Festival aims to connect photographers,…


16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

The KASSEL DUMMY AWARD of the FOTOBOOKFESTIVAL KASSEL for the best unpublished photo book design of the year, has been…

AHEAD – a glimpse into Singapore’s future

08 Oct 2022 — 09 Oct 2022

What lies AHEAD but is already visible in present day Singapore? What are traces of the future that can already…


16 Aug 2022 — 11 Sep 2022

SIPF Satelllite Cuttings presents new commissions by six Singaporean artists inspired by the natural world. The exhibition considers interactions with environments…