Vivian Keulards was born and raised in the Netherlands and successfully graduated as a portrait photographer at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2009. In the past she also gained a master’s degree in communication science, where she mainly focused on visual culture and imaging. In her spare time she enjoyed printing in the darkroom. It was later in life, at the age of 35, that she decided to become a professional photographer. One year after her graduation at the Photo Academy she moved to Colorado (USA) with her family and lived there for 3 years. In the US she learned more about photography as art and developed herself as a conceptual portrait photographer.

Vivian’s portrait series have often been created over a longer period of time and are narrative (conceptual). Children, adolescents and vulnerable groups within society are recurring subjects in her photography. Her series are documentary or creative/fine-art based. For this reason, her work is shown on various platforms: photo festivals, galleries, newspapers and magazines. She works on her own projects as well as on assignments.

Her portraits have been published, exhibited and rewarded internationally. The Annenberg Space for Photography, Photoville NY and Kolga Tbilisi are a few places where her work was shown. She was a Critical Mass top 50 winner in 2015 and 2016. Her first book ‘Flaming Grace’ was awarded 3 times gold and 1-time bronze in the Moscow International Photo Awards 2017. And recently Schilt Publishing published her personal project ‘to Hans’, where she breaks the taboo around the cause of her brother’s death.