Landscrap and Mindscape is a group of photographic nature-scape fully constructed and fabricated by repurposing daily scraps. By using photographic language, imageries in this series try to fool viewers’ eyes and simultaneously provide clues to expose the trick.

Utilising viewers’ insight of the subject matter to break the misleading illusions. Imageries in this series question the recognition of inexistent sceneries, and imply that individual recept is an epitome of one’s previous encounters.

This group of photographic work gives a chance to review earnings from seeing, and encourage people to re-evaluate their perspective in order to enrich understanding of self.

About the Artist
Wenni Zhen is a visual artist that reconstructs the nature-scape and its phenomena out of repurposed materials. Her works deals with the dichotomies within the photographic medium by exploring how photography can both limit our vision, and grant us a new one.

Born and raised in Chengdu, China, Wenni currently based in Savannah, Georgia, as an artist. She got her M.F.A degree in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

International Portfolio Showcase

National Library Plaza
05 Oct—30 Oct
Free admission