We are constantly bombarded by an onslaught of information by the media such that we have lost ourselves in the pursuit of material wants. We have also inadvertently entrapped ourselves in a circle of constructed desires and fears. The pieces in this series are all digital collages of images he had taken from his travel expeditions in Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Turkey, Korea and various countries in Africa. Thus, Lee’s photographs is a representation of hope and optimism for the pursuit of our pure, natural selves undeterred by media’s unrealistic representations of ‘happiness’ and ‘fulfilment’.

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About the Artist
Lee Hong Seok was born in 1967 in Seoul, Korea. He studied electrical engineering in college but is now pursuing his dream as a photographer. He is the still photographer for an independent Korean film portraying the life of a concert pianist. He also collaborates with Japan’s Fuji TV network on international projects. In addition, he is also currently writing a book about his travels and work.