This series explores the ever-changing mega cities of Asia. Created entirely within the camera with no digital imaging, the photographer worked with exposures of 4 and 8 within a single frame and intervals varying from seconds to months for each exposure. The camera translates the experience of being in a physical space into a two-dimensional map, evoking wonder and a sense of mounting anxiety in the face of seemingly endless repetition.

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About the Artist
Samantha Tio was born 1986 in Singapore. She began her practice as a fine art photographer in 2005 while pursuing her Bachelors in Fine Art at the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University. Working primarily with large format photography, she believes that technical choices are the key elements in the personalisation of her work. In her most notable series Concrete Euphoria, she uses the large format camera to photograph urban landscapes around Asia. Despite the discipline-oriented methodology, she allows chance, chaos and emotional impulse to be huge driving forces in her practice. Her subsequent series, Conveyance, was acquired by the Singapore Art Museum. Her new body of work, ~*THOY*~ (The Hall of Hyperdelic Youths), explores the connections between spirituality and the cyber-world, will be exhibited at Valentine Willie Fine Art around the Southeast Asian region.