jane says depicts plants, herbs and flowers as diverse as peony, rue, sage and pennyroyal, which feature in recipes for tonics and tinctures that have been used historically in attempts to control conception or to bring on menstruation and/or abortion. Drawing on Shelton’s own childhood experiences of small-town flower-arranging competitions and her decades-old collection of 1970s ikebana magazines, the series utilises saturated utilitarian aesthetics to draw a viewer into the deeper research context for the work.

Recent 2020 works in the series respond to Shelton’s experience of New York City and of recent galvanising American political debates about the exploitation and control of women’s bodies. They reflect on the authority women can have in modelling and articulating their own personal and political power, through the structuring of technological and civic mechanisms circulating around their bodies. The series also includes printed matter and performance components.

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