Working from the idea that youth equals unlimited possibilities, Loulou d’Aki captured portraits of young people in the Middle East following the Arab Spring. Just before she made the photos, she asked her subjects about their dreams and ambitions for the future. By doing this, d’Aki hoped to record as honest an image of them as possible. Her photos reveal how life goes on and dreams and aspirations continue to exist, regardless of the circumstances. Whether these desires will come true, does not matter. According to d’Aki, the most important thing is that they exist.

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About the Artist
Loulou d’Aki (b. 1978, Sweden) studied art history in Sweden and pursued a Masters course in photography in Rome. After her studies, she worked for a number of years as an assistant to various photographers in Europe and the United States. Her photos have appeared in Die Welt, Le Monde Magazine, Vanity Fair and Marie Claire, among other publications. She is currenly based in the Middle East as a photojournalist.