This series brings together people who walked the same streets and crossed the same roads albeit separated through time. The composition allows us to look beyond a single moment to observe the similarities and conjunction of their different purposes.

In creating the series, the photographer wanted to impose an sense of disbelief and engage the audience in a deeper look into the image, in to the studies of how the scene come to be and the consideration of the possibility of such a scene existing.

Using the road and the walk itself as a metaphor for life, these images further traces the universal theme of life’s journeys, struggles and our march towards the future with it’s serendipitous encounters and missed connections.

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About the Artist
Ung Ruey Loon (b. 1977, Malaysia/Singapore) is a commercial photographer based in Singapore. Born in Malaysia, he moved to Singapore in 1993 and graduated with a degree in computer engineering from the National University of Singapore. He has been working with photography ever since.

His work documents man’s relationship with the environment he lives in. In his images, he brings focus to the molding of the natural surroundings into habitats, a world that is under the complete control and whims of man.