SIPF Portfolio Showcase

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

In a famous metaphor Henry James explains experience: experience is never limited, and it is never complete; it is an…


16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

Through montage and multiple exposures, Matthew Cronin re-imagines home furnishing catalogue photographs by J.C. Penney, an American department store chain…

Under the Night of the Unseen Stars

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

Artificial lights have always taken center stage as subjects in Toni Cuhardi’s photographs. He prefers thinking of photography as not…

Where Does the Sun Rise; Where Will the Moon Shine

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

In an uncertain era plagued with global crises ranging from the pandemic, heightening geopolitical tensions, to the issue of environmental…

Mars on Earth

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

It is humanity’s penchant to always seek out new, undiscovered frontiers. In the realm of space travel and exploration, the…


16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

Meet the Korean equivalent of the Japanese salaryman — the ‘Ajeossi’. The term refers to middle-aged men from their 40s…