The 7th edition of SIPF is coming to the end on 30 Jan 2021.

On the last two days (29 & 30 January 2021), the Festival extends free admission for all at 37 Emerald Hill and opportunities to meet artists and curators for deeper insights on the exhibition.

Running parallel to the Festival is our ongoing fundraising for a permanent building for photography – DECK. Your donation of any amount made on these days contributes directly to this building fund. Click here to read more about the campaign.

Meet the Artists and Curators

29 January, Friday:

John Tung, Curator: 12-2pm

Kevin WY Lee, Hundred Daughters Hundred Patience Hundred Meals: 5-7pm

Gwen Lee, Festival Director: 3-6pm

30 January, Saturday:

Bob Lee, Memory Blocks: 4-6pm

Isidro Ramirez, Jakarta, Modest Interventions and Minor Improvisations: 4-6pm

Holy Crap, Flesh and Bloody Weaknesses: 1-6pm

Gilles Massot, Anything but Transparent: 2-4pm

Liana Yang, Curator: 2-4pm

Liu Ying, It Can Be Better: 5-7pm

Gwen Lee, Festival Director: 3-6pm

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