Investigation of Love was a project inspired by the artist’s personal experience in applying for a Dutch residence permit, where photographic documentation was to be submitted to an anonymous immigration officer as evidence of a romantic relationship. The presentation comprising the artist’s own personal objects, prints, as well as a book, considers the possibility of evidencing the intangible notion of love through tangible objects and images.

Within the presentation, book exists as a visual chronicle of romantic development; the photographs of objects owned serving as forensic evidence; while the physical objects on display serve to seemingly cement the physical reality of ownership of the objects captured within the photographs. With photographs sorted and catalogued, and the objects clinically displayed for interrogation, the space is evocative of an environment in stark contrast with a blossoming love.

Then, even if love were to be found between the pages, within the photographs, and amidst objects, can a third party be the judge?

About Artist

Lilia Luganskaia (b. 1990, Russia) is a visual artist and photographer whose works focus on investigations of reality. She draws inspiration from current events, reality and the virtual world, which she deals with through photography and interdisciplinary installations. She lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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