Every educational institute is a revolving door – the Singapore Management University (SMU) welcomes and sends off more than 1800 students and graduates yearly. This unchanging cycle has produced more than 22800 graduates over the university’s 20-year history.

PHASES, part of A-Part, SMU’s Arts Festival held over October, pays tribute to artists who have played an integral role in SMU’s arts scene. SMUSA- IC created a virtual photo exhibition, featuring 20 artists from across different disciplines that have gone on to be trailblazers of their own.

These photos aim to capture the thoughts and feelings of each subject’s journey as an artist, including the tumultuous season that is COVID-19.

As students and graduates continue to arrive and depart from our campus, we must not forget the hands that have fed us as we grew – PHASES is a reminder to pay homage to the people and organisations that have helped us to our own two feet as we continue to tread our paths in life.

Similarly, this pandemic will soon depart as it has arrived, but we shall not forget the lessons that have been learnt, as we continue to blaze trails in search of yet another home to arrive at.

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