Beijing-based photographer and curator Ruben Lundgren graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht in 2005 and moved to China where he finished his masters degree photography at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He made a name within the conceptual photography duo WassinkLundgren with prizewinning publications as Empty Bottles (2007) and Tokyo Tokyo (2010). FOAM showed a retrospect of their work in 2013.

He now works as a photojournalist for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant and as an independent curator of contemporary and historical Chinese photography. Together with Martin Parr he co-edited The Chinese Photobook (2015). Other publications include Hlleo? (2018) and MeNu (2018) a tasty collection of Chinese vernacular food photography. As a guest curator of BredaPhoto 2020 he curated China Imagined offering 24 contemporary photography projects from China including the sticker album Wow Taobao. He recently edited the book Ellen Thorbecke: From Peking to Paris (2021), and published Real Dreams (2021) with his journalistic works made all over China.

His photographs and books are collected by various private and public collections and have also been exhibited at international galleries and museums including Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), The Archive of Modern Conflict (London) and Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (Beijing).