With 360 square metres, I intend to discuss the limits of the photographic language, inserting pictorial and sculptural elements and issues to build images loaded with plastic, symbolic and metonymic sense because – in spite of the small geographic size under exploration – I am motivated to reach the global sphere.
In 2013, when we experienced the decadence of photojournalism, once so important to the formation of “Brazilian photography “, we had to get used to the now wide and easy access to images of the world in real time, as well as the possibility of long virtual tours online. I want to explore the possibilities of creating meaning from the minute details within our own sphere, creating an opportunity to reflect on and interpret contemporary life by the local actor’s bias.

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About the Artist
Pedro David lives and works in Nova Lima and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. A photographer and visual artist, he obtained his BA in Social Communication/Journalism by PUC-Minas, in 2001.
His many solo exhibitions included those in the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia State, MAM- BA (2012); Fauna Gallery, São Paulo
(2012); Lemos de Sá Gallery, Belo Horizonte (2012); and Centro Municipal de Fotografia de Montevideo, Uruguay (2008).
His participation in collective exhibitions included these held at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ceará State (2012); in the Museum of the Image and Sound, São Paulo (2011); and the Noorderlicht Gallery, Groningen, Netherlands (2008).
David has received many prizes for his photography, such as the Conrado Wessel Foundation Art Prize (2012); XII Funarte Marc Ferrez Photography Prize (2012); II and III Itamaraty Contemporary Art Prize (2012 & 2013); Pará Art (2012), and Pierre Verger National Prize of Photography (2011).