Lizette Schaap believes that in our society we have to run constantly, to have to live for the future instead of the here and now. She believes that this speed of living and the overconsumption that goes with it harms us, other people and moreover, our planet. The photographer’s aim is to live in awareness in the present, to deal with the rush and to find more rest in her life. For this reason, this series maintains the sustainability principle of the 3Ps: an equilibrium between people, planet and profit.

She came across the sustainability principle 3P’s during her engineering education. This triangle should be balanced. If it’s not, the other elements will suffer. For example: when the focus of building an apartment complex is only on profit, the environment will suffer and very likely also the comfort of the people who will live there.

Working on this project helps Schaap to live more consciously and hopefully create awareness among the people who see her work.

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About the Artist
Lizette Schaap (b. 1987, the Netherlands) worked as an engineer in the field of architecture after studying Build Environment at InHolland in Alkmaar. Working there she encountered that she couldn’t be as free in her creativity as she wanted to be, so she took a photography course at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. When she finished this course, Lizette remained for the Bachelor of Photography and graduated in January 2016 with her project 3P’s; a self-published book and a successful group exhibition at the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.