After is a four-year ongoing project documenting the interiors of northern Taiwan’s themed motels—its state after being used. The growing phenomena of these themed motels sheds light on Taiwan’s socio-cultural landscape, its complex relations to the users and the and the heterogeneity within.

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About The Artist
Shu-Chen Chen (b. 1965, Taiwan) is a multi-media artist and the founder of U-Design Corp. Chen currently lives and works in New Taipei City, Taiwan. She entered the MFA program of National Taiwan University of Arts as the top candidate through the recommendation-selection programme. Presently, Chen is working as a teaching assistant in the Fine Arts department. Her works involves the combination of photography and different mediums, aiming to explore the heterogeneousness of both public and private spaces. She has earned several awards in photography and multi-media arts. Her works include the DzAfterdz project (2010- 15), DzShootdz series (2010-13), and Dzthe Public Artwork in Southern Taiwan Science Parkdz (2014).