The Campus Party, one of the largest Local Area Network (LAN) parties in Europe, is organised in Valencia, Spain every year. About 8,000 young people, from software designers and gamers to hackers, proponents of free software and digital adepts, plug their computers into a LAN so that they can communicate with each other. Photographer Roc Herms recorded how they live in front of their computer for a week, busily exchanging programs, knowledge and experiences. For these apostles of the digital age computers and the internet are more than just handy and fun. They are second nature for them, an essential component of their identity and the virtual environment where they live a large part of their life.

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About the Artist
Roc Herms (b. 1978, Spain) has been photographing since 2002, and describes himself as a ‘professional voyeur’. In addition to his own projects, which come under the umbrella of photojournalism, he works for clients like Volkswagen, Nike and the government of Catalonia. In 2008, he won the Editor’s Award for Excellence from PHOTOICON Magazine.