Born in 1987, Angelo Vignali lives and works in Milan, Italy. Vignali’s work investigates how memory and time relate to each other through images and how this relationship affects our perception of reality.

Working with archival material, he decontextualizes and reorganizes images and narratives, creating new, different, sometimes alienating meanings. He approaches personal narrative as a creative process and a digestive operation, in which the individual observes and reorganizes the unfolding of time in their life – the emanation of memories, dreams and fantasies.

Vignali received an MA in Architecture at the Polytechnic School of Genoa in 2016, and an MA in Photography at Iuav University in Venice in 2018. In 2019, his project Flattened in Time and Space was shortlisted at MACK First Book Award and Fiebre Dummy Award. He presented a site-specific installation at the MAR – Museum of Art of Ravenna’s city within the collective exhibition: Looking On, Looks and Perspectives on New Italian Photography. The same year participates as a finalist in the eighth edition of the Francesco Fabbri Prize for Contemporary Arts. In 2020, Flattened in Time and Space was published by Witty Books. In 2021, his new book project, How to Raise a Hand, was shortlisted at Images Vevey Book Award and Self Publish Riga 2021. The project has won the Images Gibellina Open Call and has gained the special mention of the Andy Rocchelli Grant. How to Raise a Hand is now published by Witty Books.