Nothing is penetrated, neither atoms nor souls. That is why nothing has anything. —Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

Physics tells us that the union between objects is impossible, because atoms never touch each other, and what touch or sight perceive as contact, always equals a certain distance between them.

Individuals identified with their exteriority, their masks and their roles, locked within the limits of their self-image, can not touch or penetrate. In this situation, the frustrated search for real contact, for union with others, for ourselves – also in the reflection of the mirror and in the objects with which we represent ourselves – with things leads to discouragement.

There is no narrative thread, but it does. I wanted to leave that ambiguity. I like it  because it enlivens the imagination. Broken or undone story.

This work seeks to represent an atmosphere of discouragement before the impossibility of full contact; A sometimes manifest, sometimes inadvertent and subtle solitude that I have keenly perceived in the environments where social life most rages and human beings seem to melt.

About the Artist
Hugo Alcol’s photography is instinctive and visceral. After being in the music scene for a long time, he began to photograph social events. Over time he saw that there was a consistency in those photographs, some of them apparently out of context.

In all there is a component of strangeness—as if perceived a crack in the everyday that leads to another plane of reality. In many of his photos truth is not clear. Alcol’s photos are always made in reality in dynamism, there is no composition, it’s not staged, but sometimes it seems to be the opposite.

International Portfolio Showcase

National Library Plaza
05 Oct—30 Oct
Free admission