Jens Masmann is an artist and photographer based in Munich, Germany.

After studying photodesign and graduating at the Munich Photoschool with a work about postsocialist urban structures at the Alexander Platz in Berlin, he moved to London UK. There he deepened the examination of urban utopias and their visible traces in the city over the decades. The London body of work was exhibited around Germany and London and is part of the Commerzbank‘s art collection.

In 1999 Jens moved back to Munich, where he continued working as a freelance photographer with a focus on urban topics and architecture. In 2013 Jens was cofounder of the artist books collective million books. Since then the photo book has been his main medium. In 2014 Jens started to teach photography at the faculty for design at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg and from 2016 to 2018 also at the design faculty of the University for Applied Sciences Munich. In 2016 Jens was invited to be part of the european Flaneur project funded by the European Union and UNESCO and produced in collaboration with the artist Sonia Hamza a series about urban structures in Lisbon.

With his publications Jens has been taking part in Europe‘s major photo book events like the Unseen Amsterdam bookmarket, Polycopies Paris and the Vienna Photobook Festival. His books are part of the Tate Modern photobook collection, the book collection of Fotohof Salzburg and the Fotomuseum Winterthur‘s library.