Matjaz Tancic

Silvana S. Foundation Commission Awards 2020 Finalist - From Mars to Earth

Late last year, China’s space agency successfully landed the first spacecraft on the far side of the moon, while NASA now plans to once again to put humans on the moon as part of its long-term strategy to reach Mars by the 2030s. Next summer’s launch window to Mars features a crowded field of rovers or landers from the United States, China, United Arab Emirates, and a joint Russian/European effort. But for many, space exploration is not accelerating fast enough. Of course there are the known billionaire gamechangers in the private space business like Elon Musk and Richard Branson, but this project is interested in the idiosyncratic visionaries, often cash-strapped and working in the grey areas of the law, that are developing technologies for space travel and exploration. Interest in space is growing and I have followed the advancements of the Mars colonization research in China, Unites States and in Europe. From Mars architects, doctors, farmers, engineers, home rocket builders and multibillion startups developing the self sustainable Mars habitats. We are living in the future. My current subjects include Vera Mulyani, an architect and founder of Mars City Design, and one of ten finalists in NASA’s 3D printed habitat challenge. Dr. Susan Ip-Jewell is developing an avatar that would allow a doctor on Earth to guide an astronaut through medical procedures on board a spaceship. C-Space, an analogue Mars base in China’s Gobi desert, the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, Utah, Lunares Moon and Mars base in Poland.

My project is particularly interested in the earthly benefits of the science and research facilitated by traveling to space, particularly in a time of climate change. I would love to highlight the individuals that are helping to combat a climate change and the consequences of it with the space technology.

About the Artist

Matjaž Tančič (1982) is lens-based artist working mainly on documentary and independent projects between China and Slovenia. His work explores the lines between documentary, portrait and art photography to engage with social and cultural issues. He likes to experiment within the photographic medium and is mainly known for his 3D stereography projects. Tančič holds a BA in photography from the University of the Arts, London.