The closest English definition to Uku Pacha is between “the world below” and “inner world.” Within the Andean cosmovision, it refers to everything that is below the earth, where caves, lakes, and canyons; do not only symbolise a window into the geographical inner world but also the connections with the Kay Pacha (the present world) and the Hanan Pacha (world of the gods).

However, there are special doors in order to enter to the world of Uku Pacha that have been forced by humans due to violence and death since the time of our ancient inhabitants to today with armed conflicts. The battles for independence or the Internal Armed Conflict generated deaths that left doors to other worlds.

On the other hand, Uku Pacha’s symbolism resembles some pre-Hispanic Peruvian cultures regarding exercising self-representation. This project attempts to question my individuality and identity by combining images that speak from the most intimate place and others which contemplate a world, a transfigured country.

Uku Pacha is a visual repertoire of hallucinations where sensory landscapes and anthropomorphic figures emerge on their way to the Hanan Pacha (the world of the gods). It is a ritual and a journey inspired by the articulation of our impossible geography and the history of violence in my country. To some extent, an altered mirror of Perú.

About the Artist
Monarca Criollo’s primary interest is in the theme of historical legacy. Crillo wants to tell his ancestor’s stories through visual education that will empower their roots.

He has made several documentary essays on topics that deal with cultural diversity in Peru and non-documentary works on landscape, naturalism and the environment.

Criollo is interested in images that allow us to erase the boundaries between the human and the supernatural, leaving a door open to discussion.

International Portfolio Showcase

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05 Oct—30 Oct
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