Yi Chun Liu currently lives and works in Taipei. The city is located in the Republic of China (ROC), a democratic state in East Asia, which is now known as “Taiwan” due to its control over the territory and political situation. Only very few countries with which hold diplomatic relations with Taiwan still recognize it as the legitimate government. She is a graduate of Tainan University of Technology TUT’s art major. Interested in the history and cultural memory of her region and the younger generation: their personal identities and their ability to influence the country’s uncertain status and the situations they face in their daily lives. Working on studying subcultural groups since 2017, she finds their engagement with the world is astonishing as they are not burdened by the past. She uses portrait as a medium to express the spirit of the subject and tries to capture the game between the subject and the imitator with the camera's view. The world is like the kingdom of gods, a free space created in the imagination.