Uselrepe is Zi-Hua Chen’s Rukai name.

She graduated from Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA).

Zi-Hua Chen is an image-maker, writer and also camera-maker. Her interests are in time that people are getting along. She is a Taiwanese aboriginal from the Rukai tribe at Watia in Pingtung. Since 2017, she started to connect her family in the tribe through photography, interviews and living there. In 2013, Zi-Hua Chen made pinhole cameras for people to take selfies of themselves. The following here, she took family photos by wet-plates. In 2016, she built her first camera. She wants to turn lens back to her family. Writing and developing the story of this land, Taiwan, she tries to find aperture to communicate with different people. In 2018, she worked at a polymer studio and continued to explore and work on her project. In the same year, she obtained an award for the 14th CLOUD GATE Wanderer project.