Throughout the world natural history museums have accumulated zoological specimens, neglected in storage. It is said that if combined with genetic engineering and DNA coding, these specimens could serve to break new ground in science. This series of photographs records one such storage facility and the range of species represented reflects the museum’s preoccupation with higher order and exotic animals.

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About the Artist
Simon Cuthbert photographs the anomalies of our interiors and our urban condition across continents and cultures with wit, perception and precision. He has a knack for bringing the surreal, unfashionable or quirky into sharp focus. He shoots reality as he finds it, at a time when manipulation of digital images is rife. He sees the accidental and the architectural views or frames a visual paradox and reminds us that truth is still stranger than fiction. Cuthbert has exhibited throughout Australia and has a growing international reputation with recent shows in Japan and America. He is highly awarded; including the 2005 Island Art Prize (Stanley Tasmania) and Prometheus Visual Arts Award (Gold Coast Queensland) and the 2008 Fotofest Discovery (Houston TX US) awarded by Photonews Magazine (Hamburg Germany). He lives and works in Hobart, Tasmania and is represented by Despard Gallery.