For “Birds in Flight”, the flight patterns of birds have been digitally rearranged in order to subvert comforting or ‘inspiring’ images of birds in flight, creating new images of birds flying in slightly unusual and more menacing patterns. By repositioning birds so that they appear speeding towards one another on collision courses or arranged in wrought geometrical formations, this generic image of freedom is subjected to the formal constrictions of a controlling technology.
Like Hitchcock’s The Birds, the series references wartime air raids (the black and white, grainy aesthetic of the photographs is representational of early twentieth century images of planes in the sky). The photographs suggest impending disaster and moments of serenity snatched from the rush of time.

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About the Artist
Eva Stenram is a Swedish artist who whose works explore the many different uses of photography in society. Stenram graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2003 and is currently teaching at the University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.