Join us as Maki Hayashida and Mariela Sancari share the progress and conceptualisation of their works through the book presentations as well as Maki’s book signing session. Book signing session will commence shortly after the presentation by the two artists.

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About the Artists
The Pacific Tourist is a series of landscape unexpected of Japan, although the photographs have been taken on two small Japanese islands, Nozaki Island and Ojika Island.

From the rise of capitalism, the villages have disappeared and Nozaki is almost untouched till now. Unaffected by the flow of the world, Ojika, with the population of 2,800 residents, co-exists with nature and maintains self-sufficiency and barter.

Moisés, by Mariela Sancari, is a typology of portraits of men in their 70s, the age that her father would be today if he were alive. Mariela Sancari and her twin sister doubted their father’s death when they were not allowed to see his dead body.

She never knew if that was because he committed suicide or because of Jewish religious beliefs or both. Her work revolves around identity and memory and the way both are mingled and affected by each other. She examines the thin and elusive line dividing memories and fiction.