Cameroonian activist Christopher Achobang has devoted his life to the defense of the human rights of the Mbororo minority, who are being driven off their land by the rise of large scale oil palm plantations. Achobang is a thorn in the flesh of the local authorities and has learned how to get around their opposition, but remains at loggerheads with them, and has more than once received death threats. James Whitlow Delano followed Achobang and the villagers and farmers for whom he stands up for.

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About the Artist
James Whitlow Delano (b. 1960, United States) has lived in Asia for the last 18 years. With Tokyo as his base, he works on long-term projects regarding human rights, the environment and cultural developments. His work has appeared in several Noorderlicht Photofestivals. Delano also provided a contribution for the Noorderlicht project The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar.