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Cuttings presents new commissions by six Singaporean artists inspired by the natural world. The exhibition considers interactions with environments across history, geography, and personal experiences.

A cutting often refers to a horticultural act of propagating a new plant by creating a cut; where something is removed and given a new life, and often, only for selective traits of its former parent. This act of propagating is an ancient act of cloning; a highly selective act of controlling, editing and moulding nature to fit human demands.

With each cutting, the plant is greeted with a new birth and a potential death, a simultaneous occurrence when something is extracted and given new life. This duality in our relationships with the environment is central to the works presented in Cuttings, where the six artists explore various ways of photographing, archiving, cloning and manipulating to give root to new ideas, forms and hope.

Presented by Mizuma Gallery
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