Dog Town is a series of photographic views and characterisations made in a small, neglected working class town in the Mississippi River valley, where the photographer was born and raised. Where nearly everyone she knew had fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, friends and lovers who laboured in the local factories. The images are a personal work of remembrance, and a beautiful meditation on the mineral wastes and dregs of an often unsparing, indifferent economy of industrial labour.

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About the Artist
Jo Ann Walters has been practicing photography since 1980. Her photographs are in the collections of the MoMA, New York, Biblioteque Nationale and Center for Fine Photography, Bombay, India among others. She is a Guggenheim Fellow and has won the Friends of Photography’s Ferguson Award for portraiture. She had received two Connecticut Arts Fellowships, an Artist grant from Kittredge Educational Foundation and support from Peter S. Reed Foundation. She was a finalist in the 2008 Women in Photography International Competition and the John Guttman Fellowship from the San Francisco Foundation. Her work has been published in many acclaimed publications and she was included in the 2009 the PHOTO REVIEW International exhibition. She has taught at Yale University and Rhode Island School of Design. She is Head of Photography at Purchase College, New York.