What inspires me most about photography is that it is the simplest way to tell stories. Stories displayed in photographs or traces of stories left behind in them, and this is what I endeavour, to tell stories via my photographs. Emotion/Untold Stories is my latest personal on going project; story-telling via a single photograph. In this particular project, I focus on the ‘silence’ that plays a major part of human’s emotions — peaceful silence, exhausted silence, thoughtful silence or mourning silence — when all is quiet, silence can burst loud and clear. The photographs speak for themselves in terms of the deep silence attached to them. The fuels of my inspiration come from my imagination and experience, through
my struggles, and the moments I meet with, the
pain I have shed, the joy I have felt, the silence I have heard, the dreams I have slept through and
the thoughts provoked. My photographs can be regarded as the result of my wandering thoughts.

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About the Artist
Htet T San (Myanmar, b.1986) was born in Dawei,
a small town in the southern part of Burma, and grew
up in the old capital city, Yangon. In August 2008,
Htet received a scholarship to study photography and art studio studies in University of Alabama-Huntsville and chose to pursue photography by dropping out of medical school. In September 2009, Htet held her first photography solo exhibition and lecture/discussion on her film and pinhole photography works in Burma, under the sponsorship of Alliance Française. In 2010, on the closing day of the Yangon Photo Festival, Htet’s photo essay “Tomboy” was screened as a selection of works
of emerging photographers of Burma, where one of her photographs was selected to be shown in the Ian Parry Scholarship Exhibition in Getty Images Gallery, London. Htet relocated to New York City in early 2011 and is currently pursuing further studies while working as a visual artist/photographer and retoucher. Her clients include MAC Cosmetics, Designer Valentina Kova, Luiza Bonadiman and Niche Media LLC.