This series examines the relationship between human and forest. Each piece of work consists of many photographs taken in various countries. The objects in the images are symbols of the human belief, imagination, struggle and faith, all of which are inseparable from nature. The photographer believes that photographs are a significant source for one’s internal imagery. Thus, the purpose of this work is to reconstruct thoughts gained from experiences, and the prints were made through deconstruction, reconstruction and finally collage.

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About the Artist
Hyuk Jun Yi was born in 1971 and attained his Bachelor and Master degrees in Fine Art Photography from Chung-Ang University. He had lectured at Myongji, Kwangju University and YeoJu College, was a part-time professor at Daewon Science College and has worked as a researcher at the Institute of Korean Photo History. Yi has been working on the theme of Forest since 2006, with interest in the mental process of recognition in human beings and the human attitude towards forests. His recent work, Forest – Eden, was awarded the SangsangMadang Korean Photographer Fellowship, and exhibited and published in February 2010. He has held numerous solo exhibitions since 1999. His artworks are collected by many Korean public institutions including Gyeonggi museum of modern art, Goeun Museum of Photography and Korea Photograph Bank.