Kyung Chae attempts to arrange a marriage of polarities: painting and photography, East and West, traditional and modern, analog and digital, science and art. Through these marriages, she aims to inspire a new way of introspection into our modern world of technology. She humanizes technology and uses an interesting mix of mediums such as x-ray photography, Korean paper and ink to explore the obscure organic nature in technological objects; just like organs being parts of a body, it is the same with the mechanisms of a technological gadget.

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About the Artist
Chae Kyung was born in Seoul on 12 Feb 1981. She graduated with a Masters in Photography from Jungang University, Seoul. Her career took flight when she decided to become a photographer and an artist while backpacking in Singapore. Since then, she has held solo as well as group exhibitions
in Korea. Chae Kyung was featured in Vogue Girl, Korean magazines and was also talent-spotted by Blue Dot Asia curatorial panel as an emerging artist.