The photographs were taken by data collection techniques from the social sciences to explore human ways of classifying and explaining natural phenomena. This series was produced over a period of several months in collaboration with members of a rural community on Kyushu Island, southern Japan. The method of production is closer to cinema than documentary photography, with ordinary local participants writing the script and playing all the roles.

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About the Artist
Nigel Bennet (b. 1975, United Kingdom/United States) is largely inspired by contemporary issues in philosophy, cognitive science, linguistics and the humanities, and relies heavily on community-collaboration: most projects require several months of data gathering and intensive fieldwork before any photographs can be produced.

Bennet’s photographic works have been shown in galleries and museums across North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and have been honored with several important international awards. Likewise his short films have screened at festivals such as the Festival de Cannes in France, the Rotterdam International Film Festival in the Netherlands and Kinoforum in Sao Paolo, Brazil.