This project investigates the notion of being homosexual and its public connotations. The photographer hopes to re-present and re-introduce homosexual individuals through mundane and everyday situations and personalities. Focusing on the act of holding hands – an innocent gesture that holds much intimacy – this series looks at how two different individuals holding hands could lead to different stereotypical views. The images aim to challenge social stereotypes and ambiguities, and question the irrational prejudice against homosexual individuals.

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About the Artist
Vincent Lim is a photographer based in Singapore. He is currently taking his diploma in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Fine Art Photography. He often incorporates text into his photography works, which are highly personal. He believes that honesty is the most important element in his work. Vincent occasionally draws inspiration from music and pop culture, which he believes is a form of art. He also uses his work in advocating for the homosexual community by re-presenting and re-introducing homosexuals through mundane situations, everyday life and common personalities. His work aims to question and challenge social stereotypes. He recently exhibited in exhibition UpFront, at 2902 Gallery, Singapore.