“Here Soon” is a series that transposes reality from everyday city life into the aesthetic of these fictitious representations. In contemporary cities, we can see more and more architectural visualisations, which aim to showcase high-quality real estate projects.
These computer-generated images, posted on construction sites, have inherited their codes from marketing strategies. Real people take the place of cut-out characters culled from image databanks, and ordinary old-fashioned housing replace futuristic architecture projects.
Yet the presence of the local residents calls attention to their singularity, their paths, and their relationship with their surroundings. The frame leaves space for writing on the walls, laundry hung out to dry, abandoned objects, trash – everything that bears witness to a civilisation that has left its mark on the place that it inhabits. Therefore, the emergence of a concrete memory of places contradicts the universal and potential value of images made by architects and town planners.

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About the Artist
Alban Lécuyer [France, b. 1977] studied Journalism and Photography at the Lille Graduate School of Journalism in France, working mainly as a photographer of architecture within public projects and for private companies. Whilst collaborating with various journals, Lécuyer teaches History of Photography and Image Analysis at the DMA in Nantes.
His personal projects focused on the analysis of new forms of dwellings from the social, economic, political and media point of view, and on the alteration of urban spaces.
He has exhibited in Spain (Getxophoto Festival), in Switzerland (Biel Festival of Photography) and in France (Le BAL, Circulation(s) Festival, Images Singulières Festival, Archifoto – International Awards of Architectural Photography, amongst others.