Globalisation was late in the coming to Myanmar, which was ruled under a Socialist regime until 1988. The photographer, one of the few avant garde female Artists of Myanmar, sees both the benefits of embracing the world’s culture and retaining the priceless heritage of simplicity in her countrymen. In this series of artwork, she juxtaposes seemingly opposing themes – the contentment in leading a rustic life, the importance of urbanisation and nature. The images are hopeful in their message to preserving the best of these values for the future generation of her country.

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About the Artist
Phyu Mon, born 1960 in the old royal capital of Mandalay, grew up in an environment distinguished by strong tradition and rich culture. She graduated from Mandalay University majoring in Myanmar Literature. She is the first female Performance Artist in Myanmar and has participated in several local and international art exhibitions and performance festivals including NIPAF-2001 (Mandalay-Myanmar), The 7th NIPAF ASIA Performance (AICH, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagano) Japan, Phyu Mon SOLO Performance art and Video Art (Annexe Gallery- Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia, and Beyond Pressure International Performance Festival (Thamatha- Hotel-Yangon). Her recent work is based on multimedia art and she also contributes articles about international art in Myanmar Magazine and Journal.