The 5th Portfolio Review aims to bridge the distance between photographers, curators, critics and editors who are based in different continents around the world. Photographers will meet the reviewers of their choice one-on-one for discussion, advice and guidance on their existing works and career development.

Each participant can meet up to five or eight reviewers of their choice over three days. Each individual review session is 20 minutes long. Participants will be selected based on their submitted portfolios.

For the first time in the history of SIPF’s Portfolio Review sessions, one portfolio will be chosen by the panel of reviewers to be presented with the CAPA Prize for Best Portfolio. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of SGD$2,000 and have his/her portfolio featured on CAPA Asia, the best-selling magazine on photo and camera in Japan.

The prize will be presented on 9 October (Sunday), at the final session of the Evening Presentation.

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About the Reviewer
Huang Yunhe established Shanghai Guangzi Photography Co.,Ltd. in 2003. He established OFOTO Gallery and ANART in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

OFOTO Gallery is one of the fewest and earliest pioneer photography galleries in Shanghai, China. Since September 2006, OFOTO Gallery has collaborated with more than 60 artists and held over 50 exhibitions. The gallery has also invited both locally and internationally renowned professionals to curate exhibitions or host academic discussions. OFOTO strives to discover and cultivate emerging and young photographers who have both potential and individuality in concept and technique. With the aim of supporting these artists, the gallery provides a platform for them to showcase, communicate and develop themselves as a practitioner of the arts.

In December 2009, OFOTO opened a new space, ANART, for a more diversified display of art forms. ANART has collaborated with 20 artists and successfully held 20 exhibitions over the years. ANART has always been unique in its own artistic concept and will always be striving to present diverse, creative and high quality works to the local and international audience.

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