In the Footsteps of Daido Moriyama
DECK Student Education Programme

In conjunction with the exhibition Daido Moriyama: Prints & Books from 1960s to 1980s, students will learn about street photography through visiting the exhibition and create their own black and white zines at the end of the session.

• Guided tour on Daido Moriyama: Prints & Books from 1960s to 1980s’ exhibiiton at DECK
• Street photography lecture
• Outdoor photo-shoot
• Zine-making workshop
• Presentation of zines

Workshop Objectives
• Identify characteristics and styles of street photography
• Brainstorm and develop on concepts
• Shoot and create own images in street style
• Storyboarding and image layout for zine production
• Ability express and explain ideas in a public presentation
• Discuss and provide critical feedback on each other’s works


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