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Rinko Kawauchi, Tomoko Sawada, Yuki Onodera
Incognito: The Eye in Search

To discover the unknown, one often has to play the role of the unknown themselves. Photographers are hence many a time, undercover agents taking on new perspectives, guises and identities to contemplate, agitate and displace the status quo. Incognito presents the works of three prominent Japanese women photographers—Rinko Kawauchi, Tomoko Sawada and Yuki Onodera, at phases of their creative journeys where they have encountered an external stimuli for change.

In response, each artist deployed unique strategies of observation and intervention to re-calibrate themselves against their contexts. What ensues is an arresting meditation on relationships between internal and external realities, sensorial and physical elements, and the experience of living through the sheer act of creating and photographing.

Rinko Kawauchi
Tomoko Sawada
Yuki Onodera

Panel Discussion on Postmodernism and Identity
30 Sep, 11am—12.30pm

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Event Start
28 Sep 2018

Event End
27 Oct 2018

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Japan Creative Centre

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