This is a journey of the process of mourning.
Three months after I was born, my older sister died.
I had to be sent to different peoples’ houses for a while because my mother could not withstand taking care of me. I think I can still remember the day I was sent to an uncle’s house. Recalling that time, my mom now says, “I wasn’t ready to have you then, and I’m still not now.”
This project is a personal photo essay which captures my feelings about relationships, my unconscious thoughts, and the things I hide even from myself.
I take pictures of things that make me catch my breath and provoke my instinct. Because this is the only thing I can do.

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About the Artist
Truth Leem [Korea, b. 1985] started experiencing a medium of photography as a teenager. She was a sensitive girl who desperately needed photography as a means to figure out her existence.
She studied photojournalism and is now studying psychoanalytic therapy focusing on photography as a medium. She is interested in discovering and capturing the unconscious minds of human beings.
Her early work has been selected and exhibited at The Centre for Fine Art Photography. Since she studied photojournalism and fine art in USA, Leem has a sense of capturing social issues in her own distinctive way.
Her work has been recognised and published in The New York Times, REUTERS, AFP, BBC, International Herald Tribune, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, NBC NEWS, LA Times, The Boston Globe, The Globe and Mail, PHOTO, COLORS, Missourian, and Chicago Tribune. Currently based in Korea, Truth Leem works as a freelance photographer