Luis González Palma’s photographs reinterpret the myth of the Annunciation, which is based on several paintings from the Renaissance period.
Through his photographs, he aspires to evoke a sense of psychological experiences of mystery and tension in the dialogue of the Other: the absence and the presence, the unreal and the real, desire and the lack of fulfillment.
He believes these dual conflicts reflected in his photographs forms the essential experience that sustains this whole visual adventure. The adventure Palma hopes to achieve refers
to the entrance to a world of make-believe and intimate fantasies.
Palma also injects a new element of colour into his characteristically chromatic palette. In adopting this new direction, he reveals his refreshing introspections into the ways of living and creating the present.

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About the Artist
Luis González Palma was born in Guatemala in 1957. He currently resides and works in Córdoba, Argentina. Having participated in the 49th and 51th Venice Biennale, his works are included in private and public collections featured at places like The Art Institute of Chicago, The Daros Fundation in Zurich and La Maison European de la Photographie Paris.