These large-scale colour images taken at the beaches of Europe, capture the much matter-of-fact ado about nothing activities of human at leisure. They encompass details of hustle and bustle when people come together for rest and recreation, crowded on the irony of a hot summer beach. Embracing both the spatial wideness of the landscape and the minute displays of individuality in each person, the images are at once a technically fascinating work of art and a profound social commentary on the ways and behaviour of humans in the modern world.

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About the Artist
Massimo Vitali was born in Como, Italy, in 1944, and after high school, moved to London where he took a course in photography at the London College of Printing. In the early sixties, Vitali started a career in photojournalism, and has collaborated with many magazines and agencies in Italy and in Europe. At the beginning of the eighties, he switched career paths and became a cinematographer for television and cinema, before turning his attention back to photography.

Vitali is internationally respected for his acclaimed oeuvre of large-scale color works depicting people at play, masses at leisure. He photographs beach scenes, popular ski locations and tourist destinations. In them, viewers are given the perspective of distance as they watch human interact with the environment.

Vitali has exhibited extensively in museums and galleries all over the world, and his work has been included in some of the most important private and public collections in the world.