Loose Relations brings together within a singular presentation the filmic and photographic works of Sherman Ong. The presentation comprises the photography series HanoiHaiku and Monsoon, as well as the diptych films I Want to Remember and The Warm Breeze of Winter, alongside his feature film Flooding in the Time of Drought. The exhibition expounds on the artist’s thematic interests while teasing out the conceptual strands that unify his artistic practice.

Whether through moving images or stills, the observations that Sherman Ong has captured allude to the dynamics of human interactions with and within their lived environments. In doing so, the range of works are evocative of subtle narratives that surface moments for deliberation on the immensity of changing circumstance against the finiteness of individual agency. Amidst the contrast of floods and droughts, mergers and separations, coming and going, Loose Relations ties together themes that networks our relationships with each other.

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