This is a series of portraits of unmade beds at love hotels in Seoul. Permitted to enter the rooms just after the lovers’ departure, the photographer captured the lingering energy of the affairs that took place. The atmosphere resonated with her personal memories of love and loss, and impelled her attraction to secret loves as an imaginary act of rebellion – a consequence of her conservative upbringing. The images aim to explore their intrinsic connection in the vestiges of time, and to contemplate the ephemeral qualities of love.

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About the Artist
Grace Kim studied photography at the School of Visual Arts and the International Center of Photography in New York, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn. Her works have been published in Zingmagazine, Burn Magazine and Invisible City, and exhibited in Tokyo, Seoul, Indiana and New York. Grace’s first solo exhibition, “Under the Glass Bell, A Dream” took place in September 2009 at Melanie Flood Projects in Brooklyn, NY.