Drawn to the vibrance of the ladyboy circuit in Siem Reap, Lee decided this time to become the subject of his work and to enter this world as Shauna, a ladyboy. “Method” documents Shauna’s journey of discovery through her experiences in and around the world of transsexuals. The pictures depict Shauna in both public and private moments of fear or despondency, even vanity and disinterest, where through it all she remains alone and silent. At times surreal and otherworldly, the images are at times also harshly realistic. The series assimilates actual and constructed reality through the personage of Shauna – at both times a person and a concept, yet always genuine.

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About the Artist
Lee has always been fascinated with the fictive nature of photography as a medium; how it is useful in the staging of realities and the construction of narratives. There is always an element of the juxtaposition of the imaginary and the real in his photographs. In doing so, he hopes to challenge the way people ascribe meaning to life’s events. He is curious to find out how the narrative quality of an image inspires ideas and emotions and causes people to imagine a past or a future to what they see.