In conjunction with the 5th SIPF theme The Archive, students will learn about how archival methods have developed over the years. Through recordings of their surroundings, students collage found objects around them and explore effective archiving techniques.

The archive can be developed in the form of a zine or website. A physical archive could also be produced in the form of an archive box.

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• Guided visits to exhibitions and The Archive as Conversation at the National Library Building
• Class lecture on archival methods over the years
• Collecting objects (e.g. old photographs, ticket stubs etc.) that could form an archive
• Explore effective ways to archive their found objects

Workshop Objectives
• Identify various characteristics and concepts behind different artists’ works
• Identify the various archiving methods and be able to explain how they have changed over time
• Explain the various archiving techniques employed by artists
• Storyboarding images or objects to express ideas or concepts
• Develop and evaluate effectiveness of their archive
• Ability express and explain ideas in a public presentation
• Discuss and provide critical feedback on each other’s works


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