In every interim year of Singapore International Photography Festival biennale, NOMAD is a bridge between festivals, platforms, photographers and audience to foster artistic practice, nurture appreciation, and promote cultural exchange between countries. Since 2009, NOMAD has traversed Asia & Europe, received over 200,000 audiences. This is made possible with like-minded organisations and individuals who share similar vision of exploration and discovery in photography.

For NOMAD 2017, we have Dali International Photography Exhibition as the programme partner to host 3 photographers from Singapore for a two-month residency in Yunnan, China. The purpose of this residency is to provide opportunity for photographers to attempt new projects in a new environment and community. Starting from June till end of August 2017, this residency will culminate into a group exhibition and photographers’ presentation.

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The 3 participating photographers are Caleb Ming, Ernest Goh, and Kevin Fee.

Ernest Goh is an artist who works primarily in photography and moving images. His work focuses on the perception of space and spatial relationships that stems from his exploration of urban and natural spaces.

Kevin Fee‘s works address the innate responses of humans that are often misplaced. He questions the need to teach humans how to be humans, and that the act of imposing rules or practices discourages thinking – while also creating dependency on a structure that might not stay reliable for long enough.

Caleb Ming‘s works examines aspects of modern living and its ironies. Working predominantly in photography and film, he explores issues related to people and the environment, telling stories through the landscapes he photographs. Ming is working on a long term project, Plot, that documents the impact of space with the development of Singapore, it’s economy and population growth.